Lesson 6

Asking for Help

What if you are feeling uncomfortable, scared, or lost and you need some help? Watch the video below to learn what to do in case you need assistance while riding the bus.

#GetOnBoard Tutorial 5: Getting Help

Let’s Review!

Bus Drivers can help if…

  1. You are lost. Bus Drivers are the best people to ask if you are lost on the bus. They know all the route numbers and are really good at giving directions – it’s part of their job! They can help you get to where you need to go.
  2. You are hurt. At the front of the bus, there is a radio that can call the Fire Department and an Ambulance if you need it. Even if you weren’t riding on the bus and you were hurt on the side of the road, buses can call for help if you get their attention.
  3. You are feeling unsafe. Let your bus driver know right away if something unsafe is happening on the bus. The radio at the front of the bus can also call the Police Department if needed.


BusReady Emergency Card Printable

Print out this card with your parent/guardian just in case you need additional support on one of your transit trips. Put this card in your wallet or in your backpack so you always have it with you in case you need it.

The bus is a safe place.

Buses are safe places to go if you ever need help, even if you weren’t planning on taking the bus. BC Transit drivers are friendly people who want to help you stay safe, we promise!

There are cameras on the inside and the outside of the bus that records everything you are doing AND saying (visual and audio)! If something goes wrong on the bus, tell the bus driver right away.

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