7.2 Security Cameras

Teaching kids about the cameras on public buses is an important lesson that can help them understand the importance of safety and security in public spaces. Here are some steps you can follow to teach kids about cameras on public buses:

Tips on Explaining Security Cameras

Explain the purpose of the cameras: Explain to the kids that cameras are installed on public buses for safety and security purposes. Tell them that the cameras are used to record any incidents that may occur, as well as keep riders accountable for their behaviour on the bus.

Explain privacy: It’s important to explain to the kids that the cameras are there for safety and security reasons, but that they also respect the privacy of the passengers. Tell them that the cameras only capture images of what’s happening on the bus and that they’re not used to spy on people.

Encourage questions: Encourage the kids to ask questions and express their thoughts on the topic. Ask them if they have any concerns about cameras on public buses and try to address their concerns as best as you can.

Emphasize the importance of safety and security: Emphasize the importance of safety and security on public buses. Tell the kids that the cameras are there to help keep them safe and that they should feel comfortable knowing that everyone is being recorded. Remind them to always follow the rules and behave appropriately when riding on public buses.

Taylor’s Tips: Make it fun!

Make it fun: A fun transition at the end of the security camera portion of the bus tour is to tell the kids to “Pick a camera, look at the camera, wave and say “Hi BC Transit!” They will wave and say it, then say “Say Thank you!” They repeat. Then you can tell them to say whatever you want. I like “Say Taylor is really cool!” then after they say it I say “Awww thank you thats so nice of you to say!”

Another fun one is: “Say Bryant is stinky!” (or whoever your co-Ambassador is) – that one always gets a good laugh. After they say it, the other Ambassador can raise their arm and smell their armpits for added laughs!

Please watch the following video to see an example of Taylor leading the Security Camera section of the Bus Tour:

BusReady Ambassador Training - 7.2