2.2 School, Classroom and Hallway Etiquette

Follow school rules when visiting to ensure safety, maintain a peaceful learning environment, and demonstrate respect for the school community. This sets a good example for students and reinforces the importance of following rules in all aspects of life.

General School Etqiuette Tips

  1. Check-in at the front office and follow school security protocols.
  2. Follow school rules and regulations, including dress codes and environmental initiatives.
  3. Be respectful and courteous to staff and students, and avoid behavior that could be perceived as insensitive or disrespectful.
  4. Be punctual and avoid disrupting classroom activities, and be mindful of traffic safety rules.
  5. Wear your formal Transit Operator uniform for every school visit.
  6. Do not take photos of any children on your personal device under any circumstances. If a teacher asks you to do so for them on their device, that is acceptable.
  7. If you have any questions or concerns during your visit, ask a staff member for assistance.

Classroom Etiquette Tips

  1. Introduce yourself to the teacher and any other staff present, and thank them for the opportunity to present.
  2. Familiarize yourself with any relevant classroom rules or guidelines in advance.
  3. Be punctual and try to arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled presentation time.
  4. Respect the teacher’s authority and thank the students and teacher for their time.

Hallway Etiquette Tips

Here are some things to remember while waiting in a hallway of a school:

  1. Be quiet and respectful of nearby classrooms, and avoid using electronic devices.
  2. Respect the privacy and personal space of students and staff.
  3. Follow posted signs and directions, and report any safety concerns to school staff.