2.3 Community Representation

As a BusReady Ambassador, you represent BC Transit in the community. It’s important to conduct yourself professionally, be respectful, use good manners, listen attentively to others, and utilize the BusReady Ambassador Training. Your behaviour reflects BC Transit’s values, reputation, and commitment to community engagement. Being professional can help establish positive relationships with stakeholders, including parents and teachers, and enhance BC Transit’s image in the community.

  1. Setting a Good Example: As a representative of BC Transit and BusReady, you are not only representing yourself, but also your organization. Conducting yourself professionally sets a good example for students, teachers, and parents and can inspire them to have a positive view of public transit professionals and public transit as a whole.
  2. Building Relationships: Building positive relationships with the people you interact with, including teachers and parents is important. This can lead to increased trust and respect for BC Transit, which can translate into future opportunities.
  3. Enhancing Your Company’s Image: Behaving professionally can enhance BC Transit’s image in the eyes of the public. This can be especially important for elementary schools, as parents may be more likely to choose transit if they have a positive interaction with a representative such as yourself.
  4. Demonstrating Competence: It is important to demonstrate competence and expertise in your field. This can help build trust with school staff and parents, who want to know that they are working with knowledgeable professionals.
  5. Representing Your Company’s Values: Always represent BC Transit’s company values when you are out in the community. This can help reinforce your company’s mission and goals and make it clear what BC Transit stands for.
BC Transit’s Values