1.2 BusReady Youth Program Team

Meet the BusReady Youth Program team from BC Transit!


Taylor Watson, Education and Training Advisor

Taylor is an experienced and passionate individual who loves to inspire children of all ages to choose transit as a sustainable mode of transportation. As BC Transit’s Education and Training Advisor for Youth Programs, she has conducted hundreds of classroom visits, engaging with thousands of children across British Columbia.

Taylor firmly believes that providing basic training to Transit Operators is crucial for successful communication with students during guest speaker visits. As such, she has been developing training materials for operators to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively engage with youth.

If you have any questions about the training material, the educational youth program, or youth outreach, Taylor is your go-to contact. With her expertise and passion, she is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of young people in British Columbia by promoting sustainable transportation options.


Katelyn Young, Supervisor, Youth Programs

Katelyn is the supervisor of youth programs for BC Transit. She has worked developing, reviewing, and leading youth strategies and initiatives for over 15 years.

She has a BA and MSc from Uvic, with her research focused primarily on understanding community engagement. Katelyn is excited about how the BusReady program will support youth to take an active role in their communities and foster a strong, lifelong connection with public transit. 

In Katelyn’s role, she oversees management of BC Transit’s youth programs. If you have any questions about BC Transit’s youth strategy or the development of youth programs at BC Transit, you can reach out to Katelyn. She will be happy to hear from you.

Youth Outreach Coordinator, TBA

Katherine Dalusong, Marketing and Engagement Advisor, Youth Programs (Interim)

Katherine is the marketing and engagement advisor for youth programs for BC Transit. She is a storyteller, marketer, and data enthusiast. She has over 13 years of marketing experience working primarily with non-profits like Special Olympics and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.  

She has a BA and post-baccalaureate in Journalism. Katherine has an extensive history working with diverse groups to build awareness and inclusive communities through marketing and communication. As a jack-of-all-trades marketer, she has specialized in digital and email marketing.  

Katherine’s role is to lead the youth marketing and engagement campaigns and build awareness of BC Transit’s BusReady program. She hopes the to inspire youth and families to be champions of transit who will have confidence to prepare for their transit journey.  


Iris Mueller, Marketing and Engagement Advisor, Youth Programs

Iris is on Mat Leave until 2024.

Iris is a dedicated marketing and engagement advisor who works at the youth program for BC Transit. As a mother herself, Iris is passionate about engaging families and promoting the benefits of public transportation through the BusReady program.

In her role, Iris is responsible for leading the youth marketing and engagement activities, including developing and overseeing seasonal campaigns that target young people and their families. She also manages the BusReady website, ensuring that it is up-to-date and provides valuable information to the program’s audience.

Iris is committed to aligning the youth program’s marketing and engagement strategy with BC Transit’s overall corporate strategic plan. Through her hard work and dedication, Iris helps to connect young people with the benefits of public transportation, such as reduced environmental impact and improved mobility.