1.1 BusReady Program Objectives

The main objective of BusReady is to give youth a positive impression of transit before they begin riding transit on their own. We want children and youth to feel good about buses and BC Transit in general after this presentation and bus tour.

There are a few main points that we are trying to convey to students about public transit.

Be Kind, Be Safe

BusReady aims to create a positive impression of public transit for youth, emphasizing safety and etiquette. The training covers everything from appropriate behavior at bus stops to safely exiting the bus, with an emphasis on courtesy seating etiquette and accessibility features.

The Bus is a Safe Place

Buses are a safe place for kids to go if they need help. Bus drivers are safe strangers who can answer questions and provide emergency services. If anything unsafe or inappropriate happens on the bus, kids are encouraged to alert the driver right away.

The Bus is Good for the Planet

Using public transit is an environmentally friendly choice that can make a positive impact on the planet. BusReady highlights the importance of caring for our planet and encourages children to contribute to its sustainability by riding the bus.