1.4 BusReady Ambassadors

What makes an excellent BusReady Ambassador?

  1. Be knowledgeable: A good BusReady Ambassador should be well-versed in the program. They should be able to answer questions and provide accurate information about BusReady and BC Transit.
  2. Be professional: An Ambassador who is representing BusReady should be mindful of their behavior and appearance. Dress appropriately and act professionally at all times.
  3. Stay on brand: A good Ambassador should represent the company’s brand and values. You should use language and visuals that are consistent with the BusReady messaging you will learn in this training.
  4. Be flexible: Sometimes, especially when working with children, things do not go according to plan. That’s okay! Ambassadors should be flexible and adaptable – willing to work together to change things with the teachers and school to make it the best experience possible for the students.
  5. Be a positive ambassador: If you don’t love what you are doing – the kids will be able to tell! An excellent BusReady Ambassador should be enthusiastic about public transit, sustainability, accessibility and everything the BusReady program has to offer. It is most effective when our Ambassadors enjoy themselves while delivering the program, and convey a sense of pride in their work.