7.5 Bike Rack Demo

Demonstrating how to use the bike rack when teaching children how to ride the bus is important for safety, convenience, and independence. It ensures that the bike is properly secured, allows for easy transportation of bikes, and gives children a sense of responsibility and confidence.

Bike Rack Video

The language we use to describe how to use the bike rack is very simple, to the point, and step-by-step. Watch the following video to see how the Youth Program describes the bike rack:

How To Use Bike Racks #BusReady

You’ll notice that we do not teach the “lift up your bike and place it on the rack” part – that is because most children cannot lift their bike properly yet as it is too heavy. Instead, we teach them how to roll it on from the side as an alternative.

You can teach both ways in schools, but keep in mind the younger they are, the less likely they are to be able to lift up their bike!