7.4 Accessibility Features

The Accessibility Features section of the tour is typically straightforward because the video has been watched and accessibility has already been discussed in the classroom.

You are just pointing out the features that were mentioned in the accessibility video!


Since kids 12 and under ride for free, they will most likely not need to know about Umo or about the new payment system just yet.

You can tell the children that the payment system is there for when they turn 13, and would like to pay with Credit Card, Debit Card, or use their monthly pass on your phone. More details will be available on this in 2023.

Audio Announcements

Make sure to point out the voice that speaks out the next stop for people. Ask the kids: “Why do we have this? Who would need this feature? Why is it important?

We have a voice that speaks out the next stop for people who cannot see very well, or for people to know where they are when it is dark or rainy outside.

Fun fact: the voice is also used to remind passengers of the rules of transit! If the driver thinks people aren’t following the rules, they can push a button and the voice reminds all riders of a specific rule. For example: “Please stand behind the red line”.

Sign that displays the next stop

Show the class the sign that has the next stop on it. Ask the children: “What does this do for people? Would this sign help someone with a hearing impairment? What if it was dark or rainy outside, does it help anybody then?”