The bus is a great place to begin your summer adventure. Do you know the tips and tricks for riding the bus when it’s warm?

Test your bus knowledge and refresh your skills with the BusReady Summer Quiz. Good luck!

Quiz: Are you ready to ride the bus this summer?

Refresh your skills and test your bus knowledge with the BusReady Summer quiz! We hope you have a wonderful summer adventure with BC Transit. 

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When waiting for the bus in the summer, where is the best place to stand?  

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Where can I put my beach bag when riding the bus? 

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What should you bring with you to stay hydrated while riding the bus in the summer? 

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What type of clothing is best to wear on the bus during the summer? 

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Why is it important to know the bus schedule and route ahead of time? 

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When you are taking the bus with your bike, where should you store it during your ride? 

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