Every day, thousands of people in BC ride the bus to all sorts of places!  

As awesome transit riders, we need to make sure that we’re thinking of others when we share this space and that we do our part to keep it clean.  

Make your Bus Ride Sweet by Keeping it Neat!

To keep buses safe and clean, drinks on board must be kept in a sturdy container to prevent spills.  If you’re thirsty on the bus, go ahead and have a sip (it makes for a happy trip!)  but make sure you have a lid! This helps make sure that the seats are clean for all riders. When you leave, please take your drink container with you.  

It Takes All of Us to Keep Our Buses Clean

Just like parks, playgrounds, and beaches, buses are shared spaces too. They’re a space where we all ride together to get to where we need to go.  

Imagine stepping on to the bus and finding the seats are wet and dirty, the floors are sticky and there’s trash everywhere – yuck! Nobody likes a dirty bus.  

If we keep our buses clean and tidy, they can keep driving us to where we need to go without any cleaning delays.  

So, let’s be kind and tidy up after ourselves on the bus. Remember – whatever you bring on the bus, take it off with you. And be sure to remind your friends, and even adults too!  

Here’s what some smart kids have to say about having garbage on the bus.  

If we all work together to keep our buses clean, we will use less water, soap and energy. This helps the planet AND the community!  

Who knew that making such a small effort could make such a BIG difference? 

Let’s all do our part to be the best bus cleanup crew!