Lesson 7

Exiting the Bus

Woohoo! You made it to your destination. Not so fast! You still need to pay attention when you’re getting off the bus, too. Watch the video below to learn how to exit the bus safely.

#GetOnBoard Tutorial 7: Exiting The #Bus

Let’s Review!

  1. To exit the bus, push the stop button or pull the cord.
  2. Balance yourself using the poles and handles as you exit.
  3. Before you exit, look left, right and then left again – just like a crosswalk!
Why do I have to push the stop button?

Our BC Transit bus drivers are definitely super-heroes, but they cannot read your mind or predict the future. The button tells them when there is a rider that wants to get off at the next stop. Remember to press the “STOP” button with enough time for the driver to pull over at the stop safely!


Find the things that are wrong in the scene below.

Psssttt… there’s 2 things wrong in this one! Scroll down for the answer.

Answers: 1. The kid exiting the bus did not look both ways before she got off – now, the biker is going to hit her and they might both get hurt! 2. She’s not paying attention to the sounds around her either because she is listening to music on her headphones, so she can’t hear the bike bell either!

Make your driver’s day!

Feel free to give a wave and say “Thanks!” to your driver as you leave the bus!

Take the mini-quiz below to move on to the final quiz!

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