Lesson 5

Being Kind on the Bus

There are a few kind and courteous things you can do while riding the bus that make all the difference for your fellow passengers. Watch the video below to learn how to be kind on the bus.

#GetOnBoard Tutorial 6: Being #Kind Is Cool

Let’s Review!

  1. Use headphones when listening to music or watching videos.
  2. No feets on seats, please!
  3. Stay awake and pay attention.
  4. One rider per seat please!


Can you find everything wrong in the picture below?

Pssstt… there are 8 things wrong! Scroll down to find the answers.


  1. Boombox 2. Bags on seats 3. Sleeping 4. Feets on Seats 5. Garbage on ground 6. Backpack loose on floor 7. Not giving up courtesy seats to adult with baby and toddler 8. Taking up more than one seat per person

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