Lesson 4

Courtesy Seats – What are they?

All BC Transit buses have seats called Courtesy Seats. They are at the front of the bus and the easiest seats to get to. Courtesy Seats should be given to those who need them most. Watch the video below to learn more about courtesy seating.

#GetOnBoard Tutorial 3: Finding A Seat

Let’s Review!

  1. The bus is for everyone.
  2. Wheelchair ramps aren’t only for wheelchairs users! Strollers, walkers, shopping trolleys, people using crutches, people with luggage (and a big list of others) use it too.  
  3. Did you know? The bus can also ‘kneel’ down to the curb to make it easier to step on to the bus.
  4. Always wait until after the ramp is raised back up to board the bus. Try not to step on the ramp if you don’t need it to board.

The golden rule of courtesy seating is “give up your seat to whoever needs it more than you”. That means anyone! Someone have a lot of groceries? A couple of small children with them?  I’m sure they would really appreciate a seat.

Who needs courtesy seating?

This is a good list, but you should really give up your seat to anybody who needs it more than you.

What ifs?

What if the bus is empty? Can I sit in the courtesy seats?

Yes! You can sit in the courtesy seats – they are normal seats that can be used by anyone. However, if someone comes on the bus that needs that seat more than you, you should give your seat to them. It’s the right thing to do.

What if I’m on crutches? Can I use the wheelchair ramp?

Yes! If you have any kind of mobility issue you are definitely allowed to ask the driver to lower the wheelchair ramp, or kneel the bus to make it easier to for you to board.

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