Lesson 3

Bonus Tips!

So far so good! You’ve made it on the correct bus and you are on your way to your destination. What now? Watch the video below for some things to consider during your bus ride:

#GetOnBoard Tutorial 4: Bonus Tips

Let’s Review

  1. Keep the aisles clear
  2. Watch your step on stairs
  3. Keep your balance using railings
  4. Don’t forget any of your belongings!
  5. If you do forget something on the bus, drivers will normally find it at the end of their shift. They will bring it to the bus depot’s Lost and Found area.
What if there are no more seats left?
  • No biggie! You are allowed to stand on the bus – but make sure you are always holding on to a pole or a riding handle so you can keep your balance. Also, for your safety – please stay behind the red and yellow lines, and remove your backpack when you are standing.
  • As the bus fills up, move your way to the back of the bus so more passengers can get on as safely as possible!

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