Lesson 2

Waiting for the Bus

Lesson 2 starts with waiting patiently. Waiting can be hard, especially when you are waiting for something as exciting as taking the bus! Watch the video below to learn about what to do while you are waiting at the bus stop.

#GetOnBoard Tutorial 2: Waiting For The #Bus

Let’s Review!

  1. Wait at least 1 metre back from the curb
  2. Give the Transit Wave (It’s just a simple wave, nothing fancy!)
  3. Make sure it’s the correct bus
  4. Board single file through the front door Bring
  5. Let people on first who might need more time to find a seat

Bring something fun to do to pass the time! Check out our BusReady website – we have crosswords, word searches, and even a Bus Ride Bingo game you can print and bring with you on your trip! Check it out below:

https://busready.bctransit.com/activities/: Lesson 2


Activity – Can you find all 3 things wrong in this picture?


  1. Kid wearing pink is going in through the wrong door!
  2. Kid wearing yellow budged in front of the senior citizen – he should have let him board first since he has a cane.
  3. The teen with pink hair should be wearing a helmet!
Move on to mini quiz number 2 to complete this lesson!
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