Halloween is a time of magic, mystery, and excitement, especially for little trick-or-treaters. It’s the season of costumes, candy, and unforgettable adventures. We know there are enchanting activities all around, that means we need to remember that safety is the best spell to cast to keep Halloween fun for everyone. 

Shine Bright Like a Jack-o’-Lantern 


Adding reflectors, flashlights and glowsticks to your child’s costume is like a magical safety glowing shield.  

Lights in the dark are more than decorations! Did you see some spooky characters out trick or treating? Give a wave with your phone-light or flashlight to say hello!

Reflectors, reflecting stickers, or glowsticks can be incorporated into a costume – upping the visibility and cool factor! Is your kid dressing up as a fairy this year? Add some LED lights to their fairy wings. Do you have a mini IronMan with you this Halloween? Consider making a light up Arc Reactor for their costume from a glow stick. If your child is dressing up as a leopard, maybe they could have reflective spots! 

Give kids a costume that glows to make them safety pros! 

Don’t Let Danger Haunt You – Cross at Crosswalks 

Just as you taught your child to use designated bus stops, it is essential to share the importance of using crosswalks when trick-or-treating. Crossing the street might seem like a routine task, but during Halloween, when excitement fills the air and kids explore new neighbourhoods, it becomes crucial.  

If you see an extra spooky house across the street that you need to trick-or-treat at, ensure that you know how to safely cross the street. Encourage your kids to take the extra few steps to reach a crosswalk and look both ways before crossing. It’s a simple spell – but it can save lives. 

Look Out for Other Trick-or-Treaters: Be a Halloween Hero 

Getting a treat haul is great, but the spirit of the community puts the real magic into Halloween. 

Let’s look out for one another, especially the little trick-or-treaters. They’re excited and may get a bit distracted from candy, castles, dinosaurs and haunted houses so they need some extra guidance and assistance.  

Sharing the spirit of community and looking out for each other makes the day special and enchanting. 

Feel free to share treats, tricks, and safety tips with other Halloween heroes! 

Don’t Get Lost in the Spooky Season 

Planning ahead and knowing the neighbourhood or place can prevent them from wandering in unfamiliar areas. Knowing the right stop is the first step to a successful Halloween adventure. 

Reminding your little gal, ghoul or pikachu to watch for their stop or listen in the bus helps them get to where they need to go.  

Who’s the best super safety friend? Bus drivers! They’re here to help!

If you or your kid missed a stop, or can’t figure out the bus route, ask the driver. 

Listen to Your Surroundings: Ears Open, Wands Ready 

Instilling awareness is a magical gift you can give to your child. Get them to Hocus Focus in on the world around, to set them up to be safe and successful.

Encourage kids to pay attention to sounds and sights while trick-or-treating. The power of paying attention helps kids avoid unexpected hazards and ensure a spellbinding night for everyone. 

Halloween is a magical time not just little trick-or-treaters, but for everyone, especially when it’s safe and spooky! Practicing these tips is like mastering a new spell – it may take some practice, but it’s the key to a truly bewitching Halloween adventure. When you Hocus Focus on safety, everyone stays safe and spooky.  

Have a Happy Halloween