A cartoon Halloween themed scene, including a house with jack-o-lanterns out front on the porch, a dark night sky, and two kids, one dressed as a witch and another a skeleton, trick or treating. A large sticker placed on top of the scene has a ghost and reads #StaySafeStaySpooky

Have a Safe and Spooky Halloween with BusReady

Uh oh! Our Safety Jack-O-Lanterns Are Loose!

Can you help us find them all before Halloween?

Use the clues below to crack the code and soon you’ll be a BusReady safety pro!

1. Find me hiding in the BusReady fun facts. I am the first pumpkin, no time to relax!
2. Come and see, it’s a wonderful view. I’m learning all about what bus drivers do.
3. Did you know buses help communities thrive? It makes me want to hop in and drive.
4. When you find me, bring scissors and glue! Crafts are my favourite thing to do.
5. The end is near, I’m the last pumpkin, don’t you fear! I’m playing games and having fun, the party’s only just begun.

Find all five BusReady safety pumpkins!

Click the pumpkins above to reveal a clue that will help you discover where each pumpkin is hidden on the BusReady website. Explore the website, search all the pages, and click on each hidden pumpkin!

You will learn a safety tip for Halloween and collect a secret letter for each one you find.  When you have found all 5 letters, enter them below to finish the scavenger hunt.

A little boy to the left dressed as a skeleton holding an orange trick or treating bucket with a mini skull and, to the right, a little girl dressed as a witch holding a broomstick and a jack-o-lantern bucket. Both are in a cartoon style!

Did you find the magic word?

Boo! Enter the scavenger hunt code here (all lowercase):


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Try out some of bone-afide safety activities to stay spooky and safe.

Click ‘Download’ underneath the image to save to your computer or phone.


Hocus Focus: The Magic of Staying Alert

We know there are enchanting activities all around, that means we need to remember that safety is the best spell to cast to keep Halloween fun for everyone. 

Be Safe in the Dark

Fall is here, which means cooler, rainier weather and less sunlight before and after school. Use the quick tips to be seen and safe.

Be Safe in the Dark

Fall is here, which means cooler, rainier weather and less sunlight before and after school. Use this quick tips to be seen and safe.

Plan your trick-or-treating adventures!

And remember that kids 12 and under ride for free!