Learn some fun facts about buses and BC Transit!

Buses are an important part of our communities for so many reasons!

How many bus rides are there each year?

Our buses take people to work, school, and activities every day in British Columbia. But just how many bus rides are there? 57 million! There are only 5.24 million people living in all of British Columbia!

And think about this: 57 million rides a year is about two people stepping onto a bus every second all day long for a year.

Can you imagine if we didn’t have buses in BC and every single one of those bus rides was a car ride instead? There would be cars everywhere!

How many kilometers do our buses drive each year?

In total, our thousands of BC Transit Bus Drivers drive about 56 million kilometers each year!
That equals 1,397 times around the Earth. That’s a lot of kilometers!

How many total hours of driving do our buses drive each year?

If we added up all the hours spent driving each year of all our thousands of bus drivers, it would be 2.4 million hours. That’s 100,000 days – or 274 years – of driving!

How many bus systems are there in BC?

BC Transit operates buses in over 50 communities in British Columbia! Can you find your community on the map?

How many buses are there in BC?

BC Transit has 1,133 buses in our fleet! These are all different types of buses, from small buses to long buses to even double-decker buses! Check out the “Meet our Fleet” page to learn more about each type of bus.