BC Transit has a plan to achieve a fully electric fleet by 2040. Each step towards electrifying our fleet has been taken with extra care to make sure that we are helping keep our planet clean! So, hop aboard the electrifying journey as we explore the amazing world of electric buses.

How do we choose which buses to buy or which batteries to use?

When we are choosing which buses and batteries to buy, we ask the companies where they get their batteries from. We want to make sure they are eco-friendly and treat people nicely, too!

How long does it take to charge an electric bus?

Just like humans need to sleep every night, our electric buses will need time to recharge their batteries. At the depot, we will plug in the electric buses and let the batteries charge overnight. This takes about 6 hours. When the electric buses are fully charged, they can drive for 350km to 500km depending on the weather and the bus. 500km is a long way, so its important that buses get a full night’s charge – just like you need a full night’s sleep!

What happens to the batteries when we’re done with them?

We expect these batteries will be used in our buses for 7 to 12 whole years! Once a battery is no longer used for a bus, it might get a brand new job! Some companies are using older vehicle batteries to the power grid, which helps power our other important machines, like the bus wash! Once a battery has been all used up, the battery will be recycled. There are a lot of valuable materials in a battery. Companies have developed new ways to recycle over 95% of the batter materials, so they can turn them into batteries again. Pretty cool, right?

By transforming our fleet into fully electric buses, we’re riding cleaner and greener. We’re making sure that every step of the journey, from production to recycling, has our planet in mind.