BC Transit Goes Green 

Taking the bus is good for our planet! Our buses provide an important service in our communities but also to our environment.

Why is taking the bus better for the planet?

Less Cars Means More Clean Air!
All vehicles that run on gas or diesel use fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are removed from the Earth and cannot be replaced. They also emit – or make – greenhouse gases when burned. These are gases that harm the planet.

They are also the stinky gas that comes out of the back of cars, trucks, boats, planes, and heavy equipment like tractors. The more we drive these vehicles, the more harm we do to the planet.

When people leave their car at home and take the bus to work or school, they are helping the planet. How much? A lot!

Each bus saves the environment about 10,570 litres of fuel per year. That is equal to removing about 8 cars off the road for a whole year! BC Transit has 1,133 buses in our fleet. This means that each year, BC Transit removes about 9,000 cars from BC roads!

We would need to plant 1.2 million trees – nature’s air cleaners – each year to make that much of a difference for our planet!

Less Stink Means Even More Clean Air!
Some of our buses are fueled by low emission fuels like compressed natural gas. This means they make fewer gases that harm the Earth. Less stink means cleaner air and an even happier planet!
Learn more on the ‘Meet Our Fleet’ page, here.

How Else do Buses Help our Environment?

Have you ever been stuck in traffic? Boring!
Do you think there will be MORE or LESS traffic if people started riding the bus more?
That’s right! If more people took the bus, our roads would be a lot less crowded with cars. One bus equals 40 cars off the road!