Are your kids BusReady?

Happy little boy requesting to stop in a BC Transit bus.

Top 3 Tips to Get Your Child Ready to Ride the Bus

Check out our top three tips to get your child taking the bus like a pro!

Whether it’s the first trip or 100th, it’s good for kids to know the basics of riding the bus.

We have some tools and videos to get your little ones on board and off to school.
Happy girl in front of BC Transit bus ready to go to school
School apple

Be BusReady in less than 5 minutes

Check out our BusReady step-by-step video series!

Parents helping child with BC Transit BusReady checklist

Do you like lists?

We do too.

We made a quick parent checklist for you and your child to go through to help prepare for the journey.

Happy girl with backpack waiting for BC Transit bus.

Do your kids know important contacts?

Why not use our free emergency contact card that you can place in their backpack?

You’ve got this.

You and your child will be BusReady in no time.

Start planning your trip to anywhere you need to go.

And remember that kids 12 and under ride for free!

BC Transit BusReady bus image with diverse kids.